About Videokaffe, an international artist collective.

What thrives in us is our interdisciplinary and international background. Drawing from engineering, science, technology, crafts, sounds and arts. We explore and aim towards an inclusive, interactive and process oriented experience, while manufacturing a unique edutainment. The collaboration is sparked by the members’ desires to create innovative, challenging and transformative art by learning from each other, building on each other’s talents.

We are seeking to find the nexus between digital and analog, through the medium of kinetic sculpture. Videokaffe has members in Finland, Germany, The U.S., and Russia. Since its formation in 2011 the collective has had numerous exhibitions in The U.S., Russia, Germany, and Finland. The members collaborate working remotely from their studios across the world through digital media portals creating new artworks. Videokaffe comes together for a studio residence/exhibition at least once a year in the same location.

Videokaffe was recently presented in C.A.P. Kobe studios /Japan, as a part of SeeSawSeed project by it`s two members Jenny Mild and Sami Pikkarainen. Since the group generally enjoys learning new practical skills, it feels natural to start our next task with the art of mud balls from the Japanese culture.



Our work in progress for the Prosessigalleria during the following two weeks will be the “Dorondango”.

Dorodango is a traditional Japanese craft, where the end result should be a glossy ball made out of dirt. During the upcoming weeks we connect through webinars from our ateliers to put hands on mud together.

The Videos between the Videokaffe members ateljees are showing a table, hands and the process of forming a ball.

The individual end product is clear: to make a polished ball. How it plays together we don’t know yet.



In the recent past we have exhibited in Galleria Anhava, Helsinki and SeeSawSeeds, Kobe/ Japan where two of our artists had a residence and Exhibition. In Galleria Anhava devidet the Gallery to Showcase and Laboratory: the Showcase side stayed as a gallery while the other half transformed into a wokrshop and opened the space for the public to see us work. During the exhibition we produced a “Ruby Goldberg”-machine and through that opened the process to anyone interested, by performing examples and giving space for discussion.



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