Dorodango session 2
Participants for the second session were Thomas Westphal, Olli Suorlahti, Erno Pystynen, Mark Andreas, Sebastian Ziegler and Heini Aho. Some of them started a new ball, some continued the old ones.

Erno: I started with a new soil, because the sand i got from the lake is too fragile, it does´t work.
Yesterday I was reminded of the importance of ground work in everything.
Otherwise, it was a meditative, some people talk about the danger zone, I call it Dorodango zone, meditative zone.

Sebastian: I was not too concerned about my ball (even nothing so special happened to it), my mind was set in the how to get all of our members online and how to keep the recording working. How to capture the records, which platform is the best? Jitsi instead of Skype?

Heini: I took the ball out from the fridge. The ball was surprisingly good looking, even if it was sitting in a plastic bag for nearly two weeks, there was no cracks. I started polishing the ball with a rug, which did not really work well. Instead of polishing it, I created scratches in the surface. I am not sure how to continue. I packed it back to the fridge and perhaps continue it with more sand.

Erno: Do we perform the balls in someway? Stop motion? Installation?

Heini: Do we plant a seed inside?

Sebastian: Can we imagine to get our all balls in one place. To bring the all balls in one place? Soil is on forbidden list in so many countries.