I started my ball in session 2 two days ago with some soil I dug from our yard. I filtered the biggest particles away thinking that the consistency would be proper. For some reason I did not put the ball in the fridge, but left it on the cellar floor inside a plastic bag. In session 3 I started to work with the ball and noticed it was quite flexible and started cracking when changing shape. The surface felt rather gritty and trying to remove sand particles from the surface just revealed more. I filtered some fine dust out of the dry soil, applied it all around the ball and put into the fridge.


I scooped some dirt from a large pile of soil in the back of my studios parking lot. I had to remove many small roots and stones from the dirt. At first my Dorodango ball kept cracking and I realized I needed to add more water to the mix. After putting in the refrigerator for a few days it was solid but still to rough on the surface. I decided to filter the dirt through tarry cloth and cote the out side of the ball with this mixture. I also added some clay and than I put it back in the refrigerator.


I collected mud from a dried out puddle on the bottom of a hill in our neighborhood. On the hill is a massive landscaping project going on and the fine consistence of the mud comes I as I guess from the washed out sediment. I formed five balls in the size between golf and a tennis ball. I want to experiment with different sands and dust for the finish. Right now four balls are in the fridge still moist and squeezable. The fived I put in a bucket of sand to let more moisture drain out. Tonight I continue to work on it. Cigarette ashes I will try on the next, metal dust from a welding/grinding place on the following.