My mud ball has been now around 1 month in fridge.
When I took it out from the plastic bag, It felt a little bit moist on the surface, so I add on it fine dust gathered from the cellar.I continued polishing it, and suddenly it slipped from my hand. There was a sound like a stone would have felt on the table. The mud ball fell and got several cracks!
I tried to press it together; the cracks got smaller, but I could not get them away. I add some dust into the cracks and put it back to the fridge.


I smuggled a bit over two kilos of very very find sand, hand picked from beach in Tokushima prefecture in Japan. At that time i had no idea what to use it for, i just fell in love with the fine grain and smoothness of the sand. When we started this process it instantly clicked inside my head and i knew that i had to use the sand for the fine outer layers of my dorodangos. I finished adding sand layers to my first dorodango and let it dry out. It was rock solid! but it alas during the last dry out for some reason i did not put over soft pillow and it had a slight flat point in other way rather smooth surface. The sand also as a final layer was eventually not smooth enough and i went looking for new fine dirt outside. i eventually found it between street and a curb. a place where all the dust gathers from cars going by. I must have looked like mad man crawling on the street scooping dust with my hand to a shifter and from there to a small yogurt can. so i started another Dorodango building process…


I started my Dorodango with excitement and I saw that mine would be the greatest thing ever done. For the base I used mud that I took outside of my workroom. It was very good to mold for the shape of the ball. After the base was more or less round, I started to apply very fine dust from the streets of Turku on it. The ball kept its shape so I left it to dry for a week or so. Next time I took the ball out of its bag, it had dried and was hard as a rock. However it was not so round anymore… I tried to round it more with glass but that wasn´t such a good idea. I had applied a bit too less of the fine dust on the surface so as I used the glass it took off small pieces of rock from the surface and those rocks made some scratches on the ball.

After that I began to polish the ball. I used leather and sock for that. After a while I discarded the leather and continued with the sock. The polishing took quite a while before the ball started to shine. However, because the balls surface was uneven, it became to look like a moon with all its craters and that beautiful smooth and perfect ball that I had in my mind when I started the process. But in the end, I like more of the crater filled moon than the idea of a perfect world.

Last Sunday I started two new ones and they started to build up nicely. The mud was wet enough and the fine sand was successfully applied over. I added some color to it and I am now excited to see, how the color will be shown on the DoroDangos.