Sebastian: Today´s session was tiring, the Internet connection broke often and so did the surface of my dorodango.
I decided to find new set of soil, dirt and dust. Beginning with a fresh start to see if i can master it in the coming round.



Erno: Last nights session with dorodango was like drinking tar from a bowling ball. When I tried to start my workshop computer it just replied with weird beeps that I could not comprehend. This ment the convinient communication channel was out.

The dorodango ball itself felt quite good at first. It was solid, firm, but there where some uneven areas on the surface. I took the old sock out and desicively started to polish it. The outcome was not as hoped: the surface mostly just got rougher. I tried applying some black pigment even to try to smooth it out. The pigment gave a nice gradient at best but nothing to solve the fundamental problems.

I need more dirt, need to start a new.



Olli: This time connection problems played a big role in my dorodango session. We used Jitsi, and most of the time what I heard was glitchy. I could not also see people’s cameras, so I felt a bit alone hearing something distorted that reminded me of laughter and remarks. At one moment I visited upstairs and as I came back, the connection started to work, and the rest went better. There is a recording of the meet, though, so I can listen and watch the discussion later.