Name   Videokaffe, an international artist collective
Profession   What thrives in us is our interdisciplinary and international background. Videokaffe members have background in engineering, science, technology, crafts, sounds and arts.
Process   Dorodango- the art of mud balls
Website  www.videokaffe.com


What is your most unexpected art encounter?   As a collective this is hard to answer from a specific point of view. What amazes often is when the group has come together to work for a common goal — for example an exhibition — using the variety of techniques that each member brings to the group, comes to a point of presentation of works. During the work each individual still stays so tightly with their own focus so the unveiling of the collaborative work and to see how it plays together is wonderous.
What is the latest artistic goal you have set for yourself?   Creating a perfect ball out of dust and mud
Are you the type to think first and do second or vice versa?   Both




Prosessi oli nähtävillä 28.8.-24.9.2017